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Brandy Melville is an online women's fashion brand that is all about providing causal trendy looks for young women and teens.This trendy fashion brand provides the laid back styles you need with a main price point of $30.

Brandy Melville is a favorite to fashionista's everywhere that are looking for that cool "I love the beach" type of vibe.This brand has an all-American girl teen dream aesthetic with the looks that they carry for their customers.They provide short shorts, oversized hoodies, and of course plenty of denim that speak to your inner Malibu girl style.

This brand also carries basic tees, tops, bottoms, accessories, accent pins and so much more. Brandy Melville is all about bringing a style that is causal and turning it into a LOOK that serves you well, whether you are hitting the beach or stepping out for a trip to the mall you will not have to worry about every being out of trend and fashion.

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