Price Range: $
4.5 - 109 Reviews
Monthly Shoppers: 38,300
Trendy, Dresses, Heels, PlusSize, Swimwear, Accessories, Wedding


Chicloth is a clothing brand that offers a wide range of trendy styles for women. With a wide selection of looks and styles at a price point of $25 finding a new look isn't far behind.

Bringing trendy modern styles to women and 350+ new items added weekly, Chicloth provides only the latest.

This brand allows you to search by styles and trends making your shopping experience all the more simple when looking for the best finds. Take a look through Chicloth to find looks for special events, plus size collections, shoes, accessories and so much more that await your discovery.

Love what you see here at Chicloth and ready to see more? Be sure to take a look at the brands that can be found listed below for more style options.

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