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Modern, Chic, Floral, Elegant, Sophisticated, Bridal, Wedding, Dresses


Lover is an Australian contemporary label who creates romantic-chic clothing for the modern woman. You can get Lover's versatile dresses at a main price point of $320 and pair them perfectly with heels or sneakers.

This boutique offers refreshing looks for the modern everyday woman as well as any bride searching for wedding and bridesmaid dresses. Lover's styles feature floral prints on sheer fabrics, chic silhouettes with ruffles, and elegant French lace with luxurious cuts. Women can also enjoy more casual pieces from Lover such as knitwear, graphic t-shirts and denim pieces with stand-out design features.If you want to see more boutiques like Lover be sure to check out like brand Sabo Skirt which can be found listed below.

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