Price Range: $$$
2.5 - 54 Reviews
Monthly Shoppers: 930,000
Accessories, Luxury, Shoes, Modern, Trendy


Need Supply Co is a lifestyle women and men's clothing brand that provides high-end looks and styles plus home accessories. This modern brand has all that one needs at a price point of $150.

Need Supply Co. is a clothing and lifestyle store that provides sleek and modern styles for men and women. They believe in creating a unique retail experience whether their clients are in store or online by connecting them to designers they know and love.

This brand is all about providing the high quality street style looks that will be heard to find anywhere else. Need Supply Co's prices range from $45 tee's to $2,000 luxurious trench coats. They're all about providing their customers with high class looks that you don't want to miss.

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What is Need Supply Co Instagram?

Need Supply Co's Instagram handle is @need

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