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Price Range: $$$
2.5 - 45 Reviews
Monthly Shoppers: 681,000
Sneakers, Colorful, Sportswear, Jackets, Hoodies, Trendy, GraphicTees, Socks


Solebox is a fine sneaker boutique offering men and women exclusive and limited edition sneakers alongside clothing and accessories. Check out premium styles from top brands available starting at $35.

At Solebox you can shop the latest sneakers from leading sportswear brands such as Nike and Adidas, small brands like Daily Paper, and high-end brands like Y-3 and Filling Pieces.

Solebox curates only the best and newest sneakers to bring sneaker lovers like you highly desired trends. Browse online or visit their futuristic boutique to access exclusive sneakers, outerwear, graphic tees, and accessories.

Can't get enough sneakers? Discover more styles at similar brands like Overkill, Foot Patrol, and One Block Down.

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