Price Range: $$$
3.5 - 1 Reviews
Monthly Shoppers: 102,000
Sneakers, StreetStyle, Hoodies, Trendy, Outerwear, TrackSuits, Backpacks


SUEDE combines urban culture, fashion, and art to create a unique concept store offering the latest sneaker and streetwear trends to men and women. Shop new and on-trend sneakers with a main price point of $113.

Though SUEDE store is located in Italy, you can shop online to get the same styles Italian sneakerheads love. They offer exclusive sneaker releases from brands like Saucony, Converse to Adidas and trendy clothing from Stussy, The North Face, and KAPPA. Have a look through outerwear, graphic tees, hoodies, jogger pants, and interesting accessories like bags from Eastpak and socks from Stance.Take a look at brands like 43einhalb, Overkill, Nice Kicks and more brands that are similar to SUEDE that can be found listed below.

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