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Monthly Shoppers: 19,800
Casual, Hype, Street, LaidBack, Denim, Tshirts, Jackets


The People Vs. is a street wear brand that offers a broad range of urban inspired pieces for men and women. Take a look through their latest collection of casual street apparel with a main price point of $100.

The People Vs. brings nostalgic elements of rock culture and today's street trends together to make unique cool collections for men and women. Nostalgia is what keeps the fashion world alive, that's why The People Vs. uses historic rock subcultures to gain inspiration when designing their unique street collections. Their street wear pieces range from vintage band tee's, distressed denim, printed shirts and much more. The People Vs. allows you to shop the best in rock inspired street wear for men and women at prices that can cost as much as $200. If you want to see select styles that are similar to The People Vs., be sure to take a look at the brands listed below.

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