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Price Range: $$$
5 - 68 Reviews
Monthly Shoppers: 44,400
HighQuality, Suede, Leather, Trendy, Boots


Ugg is a high quality footwear brand that only offer the finest materials of leathers, suede and sheepskin. Take a look through their wide selection of footwear and apparel pieces for men, women and kids and a main price point of $120.

Slip your feet into a pair of shoes that will have your toes feeling warm and cozy with Uggs. This footwear and apparel brand uses the highest quality products, bringing shoppers like you only the best when it comes to looking and feeling great.

This brand provides high quality footwear for the whole family as well as leisurewear pieces, handbags, hoodies and many other products that will help provide comfort. Ugg is known for their luxury feel and style with a pricing point that can range from $40 rain boot socks to $500 wool coats.

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