Price Range: $$$
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Monthly Shoppers: 30,600
Accessories, Dresses, Pants, Trendy, Denim


Witchery is an Australian based fashion boutique that provides effortlessly chic and always trendy styles from dresses, tops, and elegant accessories.This brand is all about providing top quality and high fashion style with a main price point of $80.

Witchery is a fashion company based in Australia that provides the latest looks and styles for every women, man, girl and boy in the hopes to make them look and feel fabulous. They carry a wide variety of chic effortless looks that speak to the inner fashionist(a) or fashionist(o). Witchery is all about providing the top looks for any occasion and they are not ones to ever disappoint.Looking for more brands like Witchery? Be sure and to check out Esther & Co, Stelly and more listed below.

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