Valentino VA3060 5002 Havana

Valentino VA3060 5002 Havana

$ 105.00


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Founded in 2008, Fashion Eyewear is known as one of the UK's most trusted online opticians. We pride ourselves on delivering the very best service to our customers.

Valentino VA3058 5115 Bordeaux Transparent

Valentino VA3059 5031 Blue Havana

Valentino VA1019 3039 Rutenium

Valentino VA3057 5034 Blue

Valentino VA4089 5002T5 Havana/Gradient Brown Polar

Valentino VA3059 5002 Havana

Valentino VA3059 5120 Bordeaux

Valentino VA3059 5001 Black

Valentino VA3057 5020 Red Havana

Valentino VA3060 5002 Havana

Valentino VA1019 3002 Gold

Valentino VA3058 5001 Black

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