24 Kilates

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Price Range: $$$
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Monthly Shoppers: 41,300
StreetStyle, Sneakers, TrackSuits, Trendy, Sportswear, Outerwear, GraphicTees


24 Kilates is a Barcelona based sneaker boutique that brings fresh ideas to streetwear through collaborations with major brands like Reebok. Shop new sneaker releases for men and women at a main price point of $202.

At 24 Kilates you can expect to find a wide range of sneakers from Nike's hottest releases to Converse classics.  24 Kilates has collaborations with popular sportswear brands like Asics, Diadora, and mita to bring exclusive styles for sneaker lovers like you.

This boutique also carries clothing and accessories from brands like Patta, Stussy and Champion so you can add fresh street style pieces to your wardrobe.

If you want to see more styles like 24 Kilates, be sure to take a look at the brands that are listed below. Check out Solebox, Sneaker Politics and more that are awaiting your discovery.

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