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Monthly Shoppers: 15,900
Dresses, Tees, Sweaters, Pants, Outerwear, Upscale, Designer, Jumpsuit, Utility, Chic, AnimalPrint


A.L.C. is a ready-to-wear designer brand inspired by the intuition and individuality of Los Angeles. Get your hands on beautiful summer dresses or make a statement with the utilitarian-chic collection with a main price point of $595.

A mix between the edge that makes up NY and the ease that sums up LA is the identity of A.L.C. This contemporary brand offers dresses, tees, sweaters, pants, jumpsuits, and outerwear with a designer quality appeal.

Each piece feels luxurious and brings out the sophistication in every women, preparing her for a day out on the town or down the coast.

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