Affordable Korean Fashion Brands Loved By K-Pop Idols

BY Via Alam

November 17th 2022

Affordable Korean Fashion Brands Loved By K-Pop Idols
K-fashion is somethings that cannot be separated from K-pop or K-drama since many fans are always curious about what their favorite artists are wearing. However, most of the time they are way too expensive to get or they don't ship internationally which can be pretty disappointing. So here are the ultimate list of affordable K-fashion brands that are loved by K-pop idols!


MIXXMIX is a Korean brand that is popular among young girls not only for its girlish and cute designs and colors but also for reasonable prices.


Fila is a premium sportswear brand delivering performance and sophistication through decades of innovation. Elevate your sports style with unique designs for men and women at inexpensive prices. Fila joins luxury, art, and utility to bring men and women fashionable sportswear. They use premium fabrics to create outerwear, track suits, sneakers, bags, and more to meet your performance needs. Fila is for the athlete, the active lifestyle, and the fashion conscious individuals who enjoy the challenge of adventure and find beauty in motion. Discover brands similar to Fila below like Dr. Jays, Bally, Factorie and more.

irene is good

IRENEISGOOD Label is a brand inspired by Irene Kim, the famous Korean model. This brand has a mission “to empower people to stay true to oneself and embrace one’s individuality”.


EYEYE is a fashion brand designed by a famous Korean designer, Kathleen Hanhee Kye. She focuses on making young and cheerful clothes at reasonable price ranges.

samo ondoh

SAMO ONDOH means “the same temperature” and it is a K-fashion brand that makes bags. Because of their unique design, they are loved by many Korean celebrities.


Style Nanda is already a famous K-fashion brand worldwide, and they have expanded their business to K-beauty by launching 3CE.


If you are looking for a feminine, elegant, and classic look, avouavou is the K-fashion brand that has what you want! This brand appears frequently in many K-dramas.

Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster is a Korean sunglasses and glasses fashion brand that is loved by many fashion icons in Korea. Recently, it had a very special collaboration with Blackpink’s Jennie and launched ‘Jentle Home Collection’.