7 Japanese Streetwear Brands With International Shipping You Need To Know

BY Via Alam

November 17th 2022

7 Japanese Streetwear Brands With International Shipping You Need To Know
Even a decade ago, Japanese fashion was one of the best-kept secrets in men and womenswear. Clearly, that's no longer the case. Brands like COMME des GARÇONS, A Bathing Ape, and UNDERCOVER have been fashion heavyweights for a long time, but it’s only in the past few years that the global fashion audience has begun to learn about the wealth of Japanese clothing brands that have been pushing the envelope of style and creating amazing, high-quality product just out of sight of the masses. With that in mind, here’s a guide to some of the best Japanese clothing brands you should know about.


Bape is a Tokyo based street wear brand that offers a broad range of casual cool clothing and accessories for men, women and kids. Bape combines eccentric Japanese style with laid back casual pieces to create amazing collections for men, women and kids.


Founder Shinsuke Takizawa of the brand Neighborhood also referred to as NBHD, created it with the intent to establish a Japanese streetwear brand that honors their mission of ‘Craft with Pride’. Drawing inspiration from the motorcycle and punk cultures, these technical apparel items such as t-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies, and more incorporate military inspiration into an authentic and contemporary biker Japanese culture. Neighborhood has transformed the streetwear industry and is well-known for incorporating its iconic bandana print throughout its collection items. In addition to apparel, Neighborhood is also known for its iconic and bold incense chambers that evoke grunge and a unique aesthetic. The brand has a physical store in Harajuku, Japan, and incorporates Tokyo-inspired designs within their items, such as their beanies and denim jackets. Neighborhood has done collaborations with top brands such as Converse and WTAPS to skate brands such as Babylon.


Y-3 is a fashion brand offering clothing, sneakers and accessories from the collaboration between Japanese designer, Yohij Yamamoto and Adidas. This fusion of avant-garde fashion and advanced sportswear brings unique styles and exclusive collections that have stunned the fashion world.

yohji yamamoto

Functional and dignified everyday wear-within a unique category established by itself, the Y's collection is shaped by universal values and unique pattern-making. With especial particularity regarding cutting and silhouettes, Yohji Yamamoto utilizes the texture of fabrics, undertaking clothes-making that carefully values the feelings of airiness, volume, and balance that is created between the wearer's body and clothing items by the clothing being worn. This full collection lineup presents high-quality “everyday” ready-to-wear clothing through which Y's atelier team expresses the brand's identity.

onitsuka tiger

Onitsuka Tiger creates sports inspired fashion in the pursuit of ultimate comfort and innovative design. The style symbolizes our respect to our heritage and our admiration for refined and contemporary creative styles. Innovative technologies in our products lie where the eyes cannot see. Our full line of products are one of a kind from head to toe. They come to life through craftsmanship that obsesses over quality and detail. We answer the cravings of those who look for a “new luxury” by introducing them to an entirely new value system.

beams plus

Started in 1999 to house timeless men's clothing, remembering the good-old American styles that BEAMS grew up on. Such original styles are kept alive in a lineup of original, import, vintage pieces and accessories, while BEAMS+ is not merely revival or nostalgia, but instead a pursuit of authenticity in next generation casual wear.

japan clothing

Japan-Clothing is a reference in japanese fashion with streetwear but also traditional clothing, this store specialized in japanese culture sources its products from Asian countries to satisfy and surprise its customers with a constant innovation. Passionate about Japanese culture for years, Japan-clothing stands out and offers a multitude of original traditional japanese clothes and updates its collections every season for always more novelty in your daily life.