7 Japanese Fashion Brands With International Shipping You Need To Know

BY Via Alam

November 17th 2022

7 Japanese Fashion Brands With International Shipping You Need To Know
Japanese fashion has always been admired by other cultures. Somehow, the Japanese managed to emerge on top of the fashion scene predominantly because of their unique approach towards the trends, the styles, and the clothing in general. In the last few years, Japanese fashion has been the trendsetter for the world fashion scene, and the rest of the world followed it. One misconception is that Japanese fashion is all about haute couture and high-end. However, that is simply not true, although certain brands are part of the luxury scene. The rest are pretty affordable and unique. They are also present in the virtual sky, so if you are looking to do some online shopping for Japanese fashion, these online stores are worth visiting.


JSHOPPERS is the online shop where Japanese fashion items and small goods can be purchased from 120 countries worldwide. They have pretty much everything from household goods, baby clothes, Japanese snacks, and fashion for men and women. Definitely a great place to look if you are looking for Japanese products.


ZOZOTOWN is a fashion mall order site with a wide selection of popular brand formal suits / accessories. You can purchase from standard items such as jackets, skirts and ties to the latest trend items online.


SNIDEL is a Japanese fashion brand that was established in 2005, and currently has stores in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand and opened its first ever store out of Asia in New York City in the end of 2018. Our concept is “street meets formal”. They fuse STREET CULTURE with ELEGANCE, while offering a unique style you can’t find any other stores. They aim to create a style that enhances the beauty of a woman’s silhouette by being very particular and paying close attention to detail.


Wego sells low-priced, high-quality products and has been supported as a "fashion entrance store". It started with the sale of used clothing, but now it goes beyond the boundaries of clothing and develops a wide range of products and events centered on street culture. They have about 160 stores nationwide.


Bodyline is a japanese brand focusing on budget Lolita and Cosplay clothing. Although its not considered a "proper" Lolita brand, it's still highly recommended for beginners due to its cheap prices. Because of the lower prices, Bodyline is a good choice who are new to the fashion or those who don't have a high budget.


Uniqlo is a clothing brand that offers to men, women, and kids a unique range of essential clothing that is affordable. Taken from their Japanese values, Uniqlo has created apparel that comes from the unique stance of simplicity, quality, and longevity, Uniqlo is designed to provide shoppers like you with clothes that will last. From women, men and kids clothing and accessories, this brand caters to the entire family. They pride themselves on providing clothes that are made with modern elegance that is both affordable and accessible.


YesStyle is a Hong Kong-based online retailer who brings women, men and kids the latest trends in fashion, beauty and lifestyle from a variety of Asian brands. YesStyle.com offers a wide and unique selection of products that your entire family will enjoy. There is something for everyone to choose from such as dresses, maternity and swimwear for women, suits and grooming for men, and adorable clothes and accessories for toddler and baby.They carry Korean, Japanese, and also Chinese fashion and products.