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Born creates footwear with extraordinary comfort and style to meet the demands of men, women and kids from every lifestyle. Find your comfort with casual shoes available at a main price point of $90.

This artisan crafted footwear is not only stylish, it is innovative as well. Born shoes feature artistic details and exquisite materials such as leather lined uppers made in the finest tanneries around the world, an arch cushion, air diffusing layers and a lightweight sole. Have a look at this great assortment of comfortable, durable styles ranging from gladiator sandals to clogs and sneakers to boots. You can expect a new collection each season with fresh materials that meet your style such as natural linen in the spring and plush velvet in the fall.Want to see more brands like Born? Look at brands like Dansko to J. Jill and more that are sure to give you the style you are looking for.

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