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Hoodies, GraphicTees, Beanies, Caps, Embroidery


BornxRaised is a Los Angeles-based streetwear label recognized for bringing men and women bold designs inspired by west coast heritage. Add some southern California taste to your streetwear with graphic tees available at $40.

BornxRaised designs feature bold lettering using Old English font and graphics that make statements against the gentrification that takes place in Los Angeles neighborhoods. BornxRaised is worn by natives and has been recognized by celebrities, going from a startup to a streetwear essential. Shop BornxRaised for graphic tees and sweatshirts, embroidered caps and beanies, printed polo shirts and sweatpants, and detailed outerwear.If you like BornxRaised then you will love the list of similar brands that can be found below like Livestock and more!

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