Price Range: $$
2 - 50 Reviews
Monthly Shoppers: 2,430,000
Sports, Athletic, Shoes, Brands, Hoodies, Comfort


Champs Sports is one of the biggest destination stores to get all the active wear, shoes and accessories at a main price point of $120.

Champs Sports has all that you need when it comes to the latest active wear essentials from apparel pieces to brand name shoes. From matching Nike Jordan Retro 5's for the basketball loving dad and his son to the most comfortable Adidas leggings for the everyday on the go woman, Champs has it all. Their selection of the most popular active wear and shoes is wide and broad, they make sure they have the most up to date, trendy and timeless products just for you.

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1.5 - 530 Reviews

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Athletic,  Accessories,  Trendy,  Sneakers

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