Price Range: $
3 - 4447 Reviews
Monthly Shoppers: 2,000,000
Bikini, OnePiece, PlusSize, Modern, Trendy


Cupshe is a Cali born and inspired swimwear brand that is all about providing quality swim wear products that flatters every body. This trendy swimsuit brand offers the hottest styles of the season with a main price point of $30.

At Cupshe, their mission is to inspire confidence and beauty through refined and affordable fashion. They are a Cali born and inspired swimwear brand that thrives on creating simplistic swimwear looks by combining elegance and affordable fashion.

Creating looks that make you want to live life on the beach, Cupshe is all about fit and fashion that flatters different shapes and sizes. Their team takes time to study the latest trends in fabrics, designs while taking into account what it is their clients are in the market for which creates timeless looks that make each season better than the last.

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