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Feature is a premier destination for the highest-quality footwear, apparel, and new releases from exclusive brands. Access the latest in sneaker trends available starting at $50.

Feature joins fashion, art, music, and sneaker culture in a setting that brings streetwear enthusiasts together. Feature includes selections from big brands like Adidas, Off-White and small brands like BornxRaised and ROKIT.

You will also find collaborations with iconic brands like Asics and Saucony. Browse fresh, street style pieces like eccentric outerwear, hoodies, bold prints, colorful sneakers, watches, and much more from affordable and high-end brands.

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Are the products from Feature actually authentic?

Yes, all of their products come directly from the brand (100% authentic)

Does Feature pay for return shipping?

Unfortunately, Feature currently does not cover return shipping costs.


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Items purchased in the last 14 days are returnable.

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