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Price Range: $$$
2.5 - 69 Reviews
Monthly Shoppers: 158,000
Trendy, Sexy, StreetStyle, FashionForward, Youthful, Flared, Dresses, AnimalPrint, Bikini


I.AM.GIA is an Australian trendsetting phenomenon bringing women fashion-forward clothing and accessories with a streetwear aesthetic. Make a statement anytime with I.AM.GIA trendy styles available at a main price price point of $58.

I.AM.GIA is the perfect place to shop unique pieces that are sure to make a statement wherever you go.

Take a look at this collection of outerwear in iconic oversized silhouettes, animal print dresses, denim tops and more in bold fabrics like PVC and faux fur. Each piece is versatile enough to be worn trans-seasonally with pieces in your wardrobe or paired with other I.AM.GIA pieces for a completely bold look.

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