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Price Range: $$
3.5 - 6 Reviews
Monthly Shoppers: 18,500
FashionForward, Trendy, Heels, Youthful, Dresses, Eveningwear, Shoes, Modern


Jessica Buurman is online destination where fashion-forward people can shop the hottest trends in street style and one-of-a-kind designs. Shop the most desirable styles in fashion right now that are available at a main price point of $115.

At Jessica Buurman, you can be sure you'll find the latest that is hot on high-end runways and the most fashionable streets right now. Take a look for yourself at these high quality, fashionable styles at prices that are hard to resist.

Shop everything from unique denim pieces, tailored and oversized blazers, fashionable swimwear, dresses for all occasions, trendy footwear and handbags, and so much more! There's an endless selection of contemporary and high-street styles for you to choose from, so get yours today and strut the streets in the latest looks.

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