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Liz and Honey is a clothing brand that offers chic and affordable boutique style clothing for women. This brand offers an array of trendy pieces and is mainly known for its chic dresses that have a main price point of $50.

No need to search any further, Liz and Honey is here to give you the ultimate source of chic affordable fashion. With handpicked pieces on the latest styles of trendy pieces, this boutique knows just what you need.This one stop shop is on a mission to provide you with the budget friendly pieces of tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear pieces, shoes and more! Liz and Honey is known for having a price point that can range from $30 silk scarves to $60 everyday dresses that your closet is begging for.Ready to for more boutiques like Liz and Honey? Modvisor has you covered on hundreds of other boutiques that share the same style.

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