US flag US Brand
Price Range: $$
4 - 2670 Reviews
Monthly Shoppers: 138,000
Accessories, Dresses, Shoes, Trendy, Modern


Lucy In the Sky is a Los Angeles based fashion boutique for women geared to fit your stylish needs. This trendy spot sells clothes by trend and a main pricing point of $45.

Ready to look like you party at only the most lavish events in LA? Shop Lucy In the Sky for the latest styles that will have you looking star studded from head to toe. You can shop by trend or style so that your desired look is close enough to reach.

When it comes to being on trend and stylish this boutique provides nothing but the latest at prices that we are so happy to say are affordable. Shop what's trending or see the latest selections they have to get you in on whats hot in the world of fashion.

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