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Price Range: $$$$
3 - 81 Reviews
Monthly Shoppers: 314,000
Accessories, HighQuality, Designer, Sweaters, Upscale


Melijoe is a designer kidswear store that carries top of the line designer pieces at a price point that can cost as much as $2,000.

Melijoe is a one stop shop for the mom who has a passion for fashion and wants to dress their kids with the upmost quality fabrics and fashionable clothes and accessories.

At Melijoe you'll find a variety of designer brands for kids - from cute little Burberry trousers for babies to colorful Gucci sweaters for boys and girls 2-12 years old. Dress your child with the same attention to detail as any adult with fashion-forward selections available at Melijoe.

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5 - 2313 Reviews

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