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Du Pareil au même habille les enfants des pieds à la tête, de 0 à 12 ans.C’est une marque complice des enfants, en phase avec leurs goûts et leurs envies, avec leur quotidien, ce qu’ils aiment, ce qu’ils vivent, qui respecte leur personnalité. Du Pareil au meme dresses children from head to toe, from 0 to 12 years old. It is a brand that is in tune with children, in tune with their tastes and desires, with their daily lives, what they like, what they they live, which respects their personality.

Du Pareil au meme is the story of a theatrical designer who finds the world of children's clothing dull and boring. A creative and imaginative man on the scene, he opened a clothing store and began to design a radically different range. From his very simple desire to create colorful and playful clothes, he lifts the curtain on a new universe with a strong personality: our first shop called Du Pareil au meme was born in 1986. Du Pareil au meme is a brand that has been part of the wardrobe of young French people for more than 30 years. She was able to revolutionize the market and even today she brings a new vision of children's fashion with her colorful clothes, her inimitable patterns, her exceptional details and her very good quality at a very low price! It's a universal brand : clothes for all occasions, from newborn to pre-teen, from head to toe. A joyful and playful brand : clothes that bring joy, surprise, colors and humor. A free brand : which draws inspiration from everything, which frees itself from conventions to create original pieces, which renews itself, which allows everyone to compose their own silhouette. And above all, a brand that helps children , a brand that adopts their point of view, a brand in tune with their tastes and desires, with their daily life, what they like, what they experience, which respects their personality and where they feel good. We all have a story with Du Pareil au meme, it's up to your children to create their own! Du Pareil au meme, what children like.

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